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Established back in 1990, the team embarked on their culinary journey as ‘Paella Patodos’ over 25 years ago. However, recognizing the occasional challenge of a tongue-twisting name, about 5 years ago, they decided to refresh their identity and rebranded as ‘San Diego Paella.’ The new name aligns seamlessly with the Spanish dish, creating a perfect harmony.

Since their inception, San Diego Paella has evolved, initially catering to events for 200 people and now equipped to serve a crowd of up to 400. Rooted in San Diego and influenced by a mix of Basque and Spanish origins, this family-run business is deeply connected to the local scene. Their passion for hospitality is evident, and they take genuine pride in leaving a lasting impression on your special occasions. For them, it’s not just a goal; it’s a tradition of excellence in hospitality that has stood the test of time.



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